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X3 CP Login - No GUI

20 Jul 2016, 14:31

I tried uploading screen prints to a new issue I created in the X3 CP Panel area. I had mentioned it in my "DELETE not Deleting - Cannot Replace Photos"post. However, something went wrong and it does not appear to be listed.

Now when I try again I get the message "The upload is currently in progress." even hours after I submitted. I think I may have goofed up by entering a Filename but hitting the Submit button before I attached the actual file. Now it seem forever hung up and I cannot attach any file. Ill send via email. Maybe you can fix this for me.

The issue is: When I log into the X3 CP panel for the first time the GUI does not operate..... One of the several consequences is I cannot upload photos as the box to enter photos is not available. If I Expand the Menu, then logout and then log back in it corrects itself....

I have attached the screen print of this issue to this email in the hopes that this will help you solve the issue.


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Re: X3 CP Login - No GUI

21 Jul 2016, 00:32

I have answered in your main post, as it all seems to be related: ... 496#p40496