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X3 Release [0.19]

07 Sep 2016, 12:22

X3 Release [0.19] :lizard:
There's a new medium-sized X3 release available, which includes fixes, improvements and a few new features. This release was motivated by a few new features required for the new forthcoming website, as well as fixes for issues reported in the last few months.

I would recommend reviewing several new features showcased in the sample content page.

Download from same link as before, either or It is recommended to download the "nocontent" version if you are upgrading, as this does not contain all the sample content.


  1. Unpack the downloaded Zip file.
  2. Upload everything EXCEPT /content/ and /config/, overwriting existing files.
PS! We have changed the default font- and color style slightly in this release (see demo). If you are using the default "Lato" and/or "ffc000" yellow color, and don't want to inherit the new defaults, you will need to go to panel settings -> style, and select "Lato Fat" in the font settings, and assign "FFC000" as the skin color after upgrading.

X3 [0.19] Highlights
  • New content plugins and styles
    We have added several new interesting content-plugins and styles: New tabsmodallabels and alerts are implemented and showcased in the new sample content (scroll to bottom). We have also integrated plugins dropdowninterchangeorbit and button groups but without any samples or documentation.
  • Fixed infamous justified layout bug
    This issue was reported by a few users quite some time ago (see here and here), but we couldn't reproduce it, and it seemed entirely random. Thanks to @sHagen, we managed to figure out what the issue was and have it fixed.
  • Changed default font style and color
    As default font, we have changed to a lighter version of Lato for headers and logo (see demo). The previous default had a bit too strong headers/logo, and the new version looks cleaner and seems a better starting point. We have also changed from the default yellow (#FFC000) to darkOrange as skin primary color. Although I really like the previous yellow, it is too light to be used for links and elements on light backgrounds.
X3 [0.19] Updatelog
New Features

  • Added 3 new templates to content editor: alert box, tabs and modal. We have also extended the menu into two columns [screenshot], and improved many templates for easier implementation with comments.
  • Improved several font styles. Mainly changed to skinnier font weight (300) for several combinations.
  • Added support for some html tags in page LABEL setting:  <i><span><em><strong><b><small>. This can, amongst other things, be used to add icons to menu [forum]
  • CDN core X3 assets are now always loaded from SSL url, instead of Better caching factor, less chance of failure, and simply no point in using different url's for ssl and non-ssl.
  • Added setting for logo ALT title when using image-logo [forum]. The image alt attribute is a text-representation of your logo image. It will not display for the visitor, but it is often used by search engines, and should be set to something appropriate.
  • Added new video-intro sample video, because previous video file was removed from CDN. Now uses __yellowflowers.mp4, which is included in sample content.
  • Re-introduced direct line-breaks in markdown content. No need to use <br> tag, or add two empty spaces after a sentence to create a line-break. 
  • Added support for {path} and {image_path} in image titles, descriptions and links. Useful for creating dynamic download links without having to manually enter paths. [forum]
  • Added URL/location to contact email [forum] - This means that incoming emails will include the location (URL) of the visitor when they send the email.
  • Added method to disable Google fonts by selecting "none" in settings -> style -> font. Font will default to "Helvetia Neue", and you can instead set your own font-family from custom CSS [forum].
  • Contact form anti-spambot "honeypot" fields are now hidden from contact forms. Instead, the "honeypot" fields are auto-created by javascript and populated on input focus for human visitors.
  • X3 diagnostics now checks if session.save_path (php.ini) is set to a valid directory that is writeable. Without a valid and writeable session.save_path directory, you will not be able to login to the panel, because X3 cannot save the login-session.
  • Fixed topbar menu so that "sfHover" dropdown class is only applied when the item has children (dropdown menu). Prevents a minor visual flaw after clicking 1st level menu items which don't have children (dropdown).
  • Cleaned old functions/comments from PHP code and templates for slight performance improvement.
  • Removed cache-buster from ajax site object loader, as the file is always requested from server anyway.
  • "Prevent right-click" now extends to also work on most mobile devices, utilizing "-webkit-touch-callout: none;" [forum]
  • Added data-popup-image setting to force image-type for custom popups. 
  • X3 now checks for older PHP versions < 5.3, and display warning if necessary.
  • Upgraded to jQuery 2.1.4
  • Improved hover link styles
  • Improved various CSS styles.
  • Html <!-- comments --> stripped from content on output, unless immediately succeeded by <br> tag.
  • .htaccess: Added Options -Indexes to prevent directory listing. This should already be added by your host, but now added to .htaccess just in case. Also, removed SetEnv tests for X3 diagnostics.

  • Moved from Google CDN to JSDelivr CDN for loading jQuery. JSDelivr works better in some countries (China), and since all other assets are also loaded from JSDelivr, this means one less DNS-lookup [forum]
  • Force fresh request to server when creating site.json site-object from panel.
  • Panel "manage" menu does not contain href attributes. [forum]
  • Fixed disabled "move" button bug when trying to move a single image.
  • Added lighter (prettier) bold 600 to content editor.
  • Fixed content editor max-width so that it doesn't expand when there is non-breaking text.

  • Fixed circumstantial bug in slidemenu on iOS (iphone/ipad) [forum]
  • Fixed bug where empty image caption placeholder was visible even if caption was empty. [forum]
  • Fixed $hide menu notice errorlog [forum]
  • Fixed $date warning in 317 strtotime($vars['date']).
  • Popup unrelated #hash does not create javascript error.
  • Fixed image landing-page popup bug when using image names made strictly from numbers.
  • Fixed so that images at top of columns-layout are not marginally cut off by negative positioning.
  • Fixed bug so that CANCEL on password-login does not redirect to reload page.
  • Resolved a bug where sticky "fixed topbar menu" position could get corrupted when using IMAGE logo, if the image loads after X3 is initiated. Positions are re-calculated after image load.
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Re: X3 Release [0.19]

08 Sep 2016, 04:32

Whoops :grimacing:it seems the file had not been updated correctly to new X3 [0.19] ... It was still previous version X3 [0.18]. If anyone has downloaded this file, please download AGAIN now ...

Apologies for any inconvenience!
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Re: X3 Release [0.19]

08 Sep 2016, 14:16

I was about to mention it but thought maybe I need to clear my cache as it did not appear any changes. hahaha
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Re: X3 Release [0.19]

15 Sep 2016, 18:00

Very cool thanks, love some of the new features and the speed! Upgrading was easy/worked flawlessly. :sunglasses:
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Re: X3 Release [0.19]

19 Sep 2016, 11:42

Im trying to find which (if any) integrations with Flickr that is possible with X3? I have a huge amount of pictures at Flickr for the moment and would be neat to be able show these through X3.
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Re: X3 Release [0.19]

20 Sep 2016, 10:10

recman wrote:Im trying to find which (if any) integrations with Flickr that is possible with X3? I have a huge amount of pictures at Flickr for the moment and would be neat to be able show these through X3.
There is not direct integration in with Flickr in X3 currently, but we are very much looking forward to add this feature!
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Re: X3 Release [0.19]

28 Sep 2016, 15:58

long time I didn't check the news of the script,   

good job  thank you very much.

best regards