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06 Jan 2022, 23:10

Dear folks! To avoid confusion with X3, I have moved Files app away from sub-domain to it's own home and new website:

New support forums
There is now also new separate support forums for Files app:
* I will still answer posts here, but users will be encouraged to use the new forums above for Files app.

New docs
New Files app documentation:

New demo
Files app demo has also moved:
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Re: → + new support

09 Jan 2022, 09:35

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Re: → + new support

10 Jan 2022, 20:07

Looks great. Nice, clean and informative!
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Re: → + new support

17 Mar 2022, 16:42

Glad to see it getting better and better.
I'm very much looking forward to custom CSS and some open community theme sharing.
This is by far the best value I've ever purchased.