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Problems with characters and Spanish

23 Oct 2020, 02:35

Special characters such as Ñ or accents may be accepted. We have tested the software and we have problems with the folders that contain accents or the letter ñ also with the files that are accented. The language is for Spanish
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Re: Problems with characters and Spanish

24 Oct 2020, 02:11

Hi! Looks like a problem either with character encoding (content type), PHP version or missing PHP extension. As you can see, Spanish characters work fine in the demo: ... n%CC%83ola

What is the PHP version?

Also, is your server setup to output documents as UTF-8? I suspect, especially since this is Windows server, that your server outputs as Windows-1252 or ASCII. It should be set to UTF-8 to support all characters. You can check by opening network inspector, clicking the main doc (after load), and check content-type. It should be UTF-8:

Also, perhaps you can check your PHPinfo and send me link or copy-paste results into here? I am especially curious Simply create a new php file with the following code and access it in browser:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
I personally think the issue is content-type / character encoding. Awaiting your reply.