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GPS plugin

27 Feb 2024, 06:54

The X3 description compares the 'private' and 'professional' licenses, which should include the X3 image GPS plugin. I have a professional license. Why don't I see it anywhere in my X3 installation?
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Re: GPS plugin

27 Feb 2024, 12:38

Take a look in any of the galleries that you have... in the Gallery tab, scroll down to Popup, and under Caption items, do you see Map button that you can enable with a checkmark?

There are other places in X3 that will have the Map button, but the above is just to confirm that you have that Map button.

With the Map button enabled in your Galleries, any JPG in those galleries that has GPS coordinates in the Exif information of those JPGs, will display a map button for those JPGs.

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Re: GPS plugin

27 Feb 2024, 21:52

As noted by @JMM.

Also as forwarded in email: The GPS plugin doesn't show as a specific plugin under Settings > Plugins, because it doesn't really have settings. If you go to a page settings > gallery, and look under captions or popup, you will find options to add MAP BUTTON into the captions.

As long as your images contain GPS data, and you have some map buttons enabled somewhere, then map buttons will display like in the demo (see last 3x images):