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Re: X3 self-hosted Google fonts

20 Jan 2023, 23:15

I just came across a service, which is pretty much a drop-in replacement for Google fonts that is fully GDPR compliant. Please check:

As noted in the link posted by @ed_f, it's clearly illegal to send  "blackmail" emails to website owners in Germany that use Google fonts. However, German website owners may still prefer to avoid using fonts served by Google servers due to GDPR and unclear legal implications.

What about self-hosted fonts?
Yes, it is possible, but I can't really "automate" this from X3. When you select fonts in X3, it can't automatically download the necessary fonts for you to your server (it could try, but this could easily fail). Downloading selected fonts to your server would have to be done manually, something which is a bit clumsy, similar to the initial post in this topic. And if you want to change fonts, you would have to repeat the process. Clumsy at best.

So in next release, I will implement TWO additional options for fonts in X3:
  1. Use as a GDPR compliant replacement for Google fonts. Just select the option from panel and no further action is required. Fully automated recommended option.
  2. Self-hosted fonts for die-hard users who for some reason don't trust Google OR the above. This would require manually downloading fonts into location on server. Clumsy, but can remain an option.
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Re: X3 self-hosted Google fonts

21 Jan 2023, 03:11

bunny fonts solution sounds fair enough for me. :ok_hand: