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Cart plugin - custom checkbox

22 Jul 2022, 03:13

I use the X3 Chart plugin so the client can make a selection of the photos.
In the studio, when I use a white background, the checkbox in the left upper corner is not clearly visible because it is white.
Can I change the layout of the checkbox? I would like to have a thin line around the box, adjust the background color of the box and maybe the color of transparent border outside the box.
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Re: Cart plugin - custom checkbox

22 Jul 2022, 03:48

It can be customized with CSS. Or you could force "select mode", in which case the checkbox itself does not need to be clicked.

If you want to edit the style, try something like this in Settings > Custom > Custom CSS:
.x3-cart-checkbox {
  outline: 1px solid #666;
Or change to 2px width, and feel free to change the color.