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Text1 Scrollbar

Posted: 06 Sep 2009, 07:06
by kingmo
I have a long text description (text1) for every image. I want to put this in a left area, but if i have a small image, the description will be truncated.
I need a scrollbar here like this
Is it possible?
Thank you!

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 02:34
by mjau-mjau
hmm, you dont think the scrollbar looks a little weird there? You could change the "width" of this text through the settings, and/or make the fonts smaller so you are sure everything gets displayed.

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 05:35
by kingmo
Thank you Karl,
if i change the width of this text or use a font smaller, i don't see anything with a monitor with a low resolution.
I remember the version 1 of imagevuex and the text1 appears in an area with scrollbar. Yes is a little weird, but i need it!

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 08:59
by mjau-mjau
ok, let me take a look at this feature for next release if there is anything we can do ...

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 09:48
by kingmo
Thank you,
here is the first version of imagevuex (vers.1)
You can see the background image, the little image and the text1 (fitstage) with the scrollbar. In the X2 the text1 fit the image and there isn't the scrollbar. I need this in the next release, if is it possible.

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 23:33
by mjau-mjau
Ill reply here shortly if there is some reason we cant add this to next release coming soon.

Posted: 10 Sep 2009, 08:00
by mjau-mjau
ok, I have added some basic functionality for scrolling. This is mainly aimed towards texts aligned to RIGHT or LEFT of image, like in your case. It is not tested to fit visually with all other text alignments. It will be released shortly with a bunch of other stuff -


Posted: 22 Sep 2009, 06:00
by kingmo
Thank you Karl!
I'll be waiting for the next release.