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Re: Button to launch external URL from an image

10 Feb 2024, 02:25

HiFly260 wrote: On, when I click on button "3D", I get here: ... kateboard/
From there, the static ULR works, but not from test_gallery. 
So there must be some event listener, making that happen, which I would like to switch off. 
This is a button either added directly to each image, or to "default image link" for that page, or to "default image link" global settings. You have assigned this on your side at some point, so surely you can find out where it was assigned from?
HiFly260 wrote:For the Javascript fix, I thought, I would build a JS function which would receive the image filename (maybe also image description), and then assemble the correct ULR, which would then be launched by the button. 
When you say "receive" the image filename, when would it receive it and where would you receive it from?
HiFly260 wrote:Since I am not a JS developer, I would need to try to find some examples on the web, and/or use google bard, to build that. 
Therfore my question was, how can I read the values for filename, and image description, in HTML or JS, to build that URL? 
I am happy to help, but in the above you are specifically asking to get image description. In my suggestion, which I explained in rather detail, there is nothing about using the image description.

As noted, I am happy to help create the Javascript, but you must at least read my suggestion first and try to understand what it involves. Navigate to my suggestion and re-read it.