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17 May 2017, 14:33

Hello everybody,
I would also like to show my website here. This is the page:

On this page I show my favorite hobby the photography. First and foremost, the aerial photograph with my drone. My hard drives are running with pictures and videos. By and by I will put everything online. So there will be something else.

A big compliment from Germany to the nice programmer from Imagevue. In my opinion the best and fastest CMS for photo-lovers and others.

This text was translated by Google because of bad English skills. Please excuse this.

Best regards
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17 May 2017, 23:10

deronkel wrote:I would also like to show my website here. This is the page:
Looks good! Clean design and typography, easy to navigate. I like that you decided to display the large logo on the home page, and hide it for other pages ... It works nicely. Nothing wrong in thinking "outside the box"!

PS! I noticed you had some panorama sections, both flat panorama (Cologne) and real 360°. In an X3 update coming later this year, we will be introducing a new panorama plugin, which allows you to nicely display panoramas directly in X3. It will support panning for flat panoramas (like your Cologne image), and an advanced viewer for real 360° (multi-cube or equirectangular), like your 360° section. Stay tuned!