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Hi the my site is up!

08 Dec 2016, 07:07

pleas give me some feedback.. :)

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Re: Hi the my site is up!

08 Dec 2016, 12:15


Nice website, you have chosen a layout quite similar to mine ;) 
A personal remark about the number of images in your galleries, in my opinion they are too many (even 300 or 400).
I would keep a maximum number at 100, to keep browsing smooth.

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Re: Hi the my site is up!

09 Dec 2016, 03:16

I think the design is really nice (colors, fonts, layout), and your photos are fantastic! Good selection of start-page slideshow images, that do not interfere too much with the menu.

Your main menu seems a bit scattered, and is simply too long. This is what it looks like on my 1280 px macbook pro:
There are many ways you could remedy this, generally by re-thinking your content structure. In my professional opinion, the level-1 menu should be as clean and simple as possible, whereas yours seems slightly "scattered".
  • If nothing else, you could rename your "1.index" page to "index" so it does not show in the menu. It is pretty obvious that I can click the logo to return to the index page, if I really need to.
  • An option which would require much more work, would be to add ALL gallery-type folders (wedding, paarfotoshootings, family etc) under a single "GALLERY" or "PORTFOLIO" main menu item.
  • Could "Presse & Media & Blogs" and/or "contact" go under the "About" section?
  • Small detail, but set LABEL for "about" to "About" for consistency?
Anyway, I think if you could just clean away 1-3 items from the top menu level, it might look better ...

Your galleries look nice, although I might agree with @Marco. Unless you need to show ALL images for any reason, NEW visitors and potential NEW clients, will likely be easier impressed by seeing your BEST images, with duplicate scenes removed. Your photos all look GREAT, but it might be counter-productive to show every image ... Just an opinion!

All in all, website look great ... Congratulations!