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2x Delete button close to each other

11 May 2018, 11:35

User Experience problem. 

I am uploading and organizing photos in X3 Panel. Sometimes I have to delete photo and I use Delete Button.
Problem is that there exists just above another Delete button regarding to Folders. Sometimes (many times I press second button and instead of file I got full folder delete from the server... auch... ) Maybe it's good idea to rethink this  button layout, as this happens quite often to me, don't know about other users. 
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Re: 2x Delete button close to each other

12 May 2018, 03:06

I see in your other post you report using X3 0.15. Current version is X3.24. I don't know why you would not think it to be a good idea to update to latest X3, especially since you are using a 2-year old version.

You should certainly update before reporting user experience issues on old X3 versions. This specific issue you mention was already taken into consideration in a release some time ago.