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X3 Panel login page cannot access

23 May 2015, 00:44

Hi Karl
I can report an issue of the x3 v0.10, when I tested on my local MAC.
As I access to x3 panel page, it was hang on there, \\localhost:8888\panel, no login module displays.
Although it passed Check procedure successfully.
I suspected that maybe some quoted module like cloudflare or other part is blocked, as I located in China. After I dial up VPN, and access back again, everything works perfectly.
Could you please look into his ? Thank you!

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Re: X3 Panel login page cannot access

23 May 2015, 01:30

What about if it is not on localhost:8888? It is possible China could be blocking popular CDN services, but I don't see what that has to do with localhost:8888, which just makes it much more difficult to diagnose.