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Displaying more EXIF/IPTC fields

20 Apr 2019, 13:53

Any hope for adding to the caption composition? Besides description, I like showing individual copyright attribution and location fields (such as location, city, state, country).
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Re: Displaying more EXIF/IPTC fields

21 Apr 2019, 01:05

Thanks for the request, I will keep it in mind. Unlike EXIF camera data that can easily be displayed in a single block, custom IPTC fields need to be planned appropriately as they might contain any amount of characters. The fields you mention are not often used, and you can of course fill this data into the image's caption/description.
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Re: Displaying more EXIF/IPTC fields

17 Jun 2019, 13:30

me too, I would very appreciate some more IPTC Fields, especially the location ones.
Maybe in some further update? ;-)