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Custom Logo not appearing

14 Oct 2017, 12:51

Custom Logo not appearing after following instructions. Tropicana logo still appears after uploading my own custom logo unchecking the Tropicana box. Could be a bug found too...if the logo option is not ticked in the settings/logo box, the site will not load at all.

I have reverted to text logo for now while working on other areas but this is clearly an issue with my settings.
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Re: Custom Logo not appearing

14 Oct 2017, 23:20

Is this for the website swamphox? I am not quite sure what you mean "unchecking the Tropicana box". If you have TWO logo files uploaded into the /logo/ directory, X3 will load the first one, so you would have to delete the tropicana logo to make sure any NEW uploaded image would display instead.

For reference, I tested your website by uploading another logo:

Logo disabled:

Back to default text logo

If this issue is for another website, please provide panel link and login, and I will take a look.