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Add more SNS options

23 May 2015, 00:49

Could I suggest to add more SNS options, such like , WeChat, Weibo(Sina) etc. with their icon.
Since there's lots of users in China cannot access to google+ twitter or facebook directly, while they are very glad to share to their customers or friends group, and it could help spread or share this master piece together with their works.
If there's options for users to choose what kinds of SNS most suitable, it would be even better, isn't it?
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Re: Add more SNS options

23 May 2015, 01:27

Actually, right now, there are no native social-media sharing services in X3. A few users have already added though, which gives their visitors the option to share to any service they want including Weibo and other nation-specific services. It is not an option for us to implement social-media-sharing services one by one as there are 1000s of them ... Instead, we will be integrating a service like AddThis, or possibly building a simply plug-in system where you simply write the services you want to include ...

Furthermore, Social media integration spans across two categories:
1. Sharing - Links so that visitors can SHARE a link on a social media service
2. Social Media Links- Simply links to the authors social media pages. Basically this is just links.

There will be some improved methods for this in next release hopefully.