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Multi Language Support

21 Feb 2015, 12:22

Hi Karl,

i just stepped over one thing i am missing for setting up one X3 installation:

Is there any thought to make it possible to have a second language? Or would it make everything to complicated?

I would like to prevent to set up the gallery in 2 folders for 2 versions with a intro page in front.

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Re: Multi Language Support

22 Feb 2015, 05:19

We would like to add multiple languages, but this is something that is outside the scope of what can be done nicely in X3. At best, it would be a similar method as used in Imagevue X2, where you add multiple languages within tags like [en]blah blah[/en][es]hola hola[/es]. Unfortunately, this is not something you can expect immediately, so I would consider my options ...