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Video Support Gallery

02 Dec 2019, 16:32

hi will there be any video support in X3 ?  
It would be nice to create a separate video gallery for own mp4 videos.

Please advise if that will ever be considered?

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Re: Video Support Gallery

02 Dec 2019, 22:55


There is already basic video support in X3. You can simply upload MP4 videos, and they will load and display separately in the page.
  • The reason we cannot display videos directly mixed into a gallery of images, is because X3 cannot automatically create preview-images from videos. This requires a specific server-extension. Therefore, videos will display embedded in the page, separate from any image gallery (you might have on the same page).
  • Another thing to keep in mind, is that your host might have a 2MB upload limit (from http), which prevents you from uploading larger video files than 2MB. If you cannot change this limitation (on server), you would have to upload larger video files via FTP (because X3 cannot bypass your server limitation).
We are definitely interested in improving video support in X3, but as you may understand, there are some challenges. X3 already has basic video support ... Did you try to simply upload mp4 video to any gallery?