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Tools - Preload

30 Jan 2020, 14:03

Problems with Tools-preload, is no longer possible, get the error message 'Your server not allow Curl or file get content for url'. 
I suspect this is due to the latest update of 'Catalina verse. 10.15.3 !! 
Thanks for the support, greeting Ton.
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Re: Tools - Preload

30 Jan 2020, 23:45

Hi Ton,

I'm afraid that's not related to "Catalina", as that is your Mac OS version? This issue would normally occur if your server (hosting) has blocked PHP CURL for security reasons. CURL is used to call url's via PHP, which is required from the "preload" option to call an URL that creates the site object.

We could diagnose this further, but it's almost certainly related to the above. The SIMPLE solution however, would be for you to go to Settings > Advanced > Preload website, and set to AUTO. This setting does the same "create", except it will do so progressively as your pages are visited by ANY visitor. It's also much easier to manage than having to "create" after each change you make.