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:arrow_down: Salt'n Pepper X3 website source

16 Feb 2019, 07:56

Hi folks. Some time ago, I created a restaurant website in X3 []. The original website will be going down soon, but I have made a copy, and want to share the X3 source files. It's a clean restaurant website, oriented towards mobile devices, and feels almost like a digital menu app.


Download Source [24 MB]
* The zip file contains two folders, "content" and "config".

  1. Install X3 as normal [see docs]
  2. Delete folders "content" and "config"
  3. Replace with "content" and "config" from the downloaded zip file.
The source contains all settings, pages, images and some custom CSS (Settings > Custom > CSS). Feel free to use the source for other websites, or in any way you please, without asking further permission.
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Re: :arrow_down: Salt'n Pepper X3 website source

17 Feb 2019, 03:54

THANKs for sharing!!