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Upgrade from Imagevue X2 › X3

24 Dec 2015, 07:49

Many new X3 users are wondering how to upgrade their X2 website to the new Imagevue X3. X3 is very different from X2 and most settings/styles/pages simply can't be converted from X2 to X3.  However, we have created a script that converts your pages and galleries so they are compatible with new X3. You will still need to setup X3 as a new website and likely edit page settings, but you will keep your pages and galleries.

Download X2 › X3 convert script 

What the script does:
  • Deletes unused content folders, XML files and "thumbnail" image files.
  • Renames folders if necessary.
  • Creates X3 "page.json" page settings file for each folder.
  • Stores page title, description and preview image in X3 page.json.
  • Stores image titles and descriptions in X3 page.json.
  • Various maintenance tasks.
If you don't have a massive amount of pages or galleries in your X2 folder, we recommend you to create your new X3 website from scratch instead. X3 is much more modern than X2 and it is a good opportunity to setup new pages while understanding the concepts of X3.

If you still want to proceed with the X2 › X3 convert process, please follow these instructions:
  1. By FTP, delete all files and folders in your X2 dir EXCEPT the /content/ dir. * Fee free to make a backup first.
  2. Download the x2-convert.php script and upload into your root X2 directory.
  3. Run the x2-convert.php script, typically from {}/x2-convert.php* May take a while to process.
  4. After complete, download x3_installer.php and upload into your root X2 directory.
  5. Run the x3_installer.php script, typically from {}/x3_installer.php.
  6. Ignore warning "Directory is not empty" and select "Minimal X3 Install" [screenshot].
  7. After install, delete content/folders.json and rename content/folders_x2.json TO content/folders.json.
If everything goes well, you will now have fresh X3 installed with your X2 folders in tact!

Why can't X2 be upgraded easily to X3?
For those who are wondering why there isn't an easier process: X3 is a modern complete website application, built from scratch for the modern web. The only similarity between the two is that content is generally drawn from the "content" folder, but that's about it. X2 was built in the outdated SWF format, and no settings are compatible with the new X3, which is built in modern HTML5 with almost exclusively new features.
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Re: Upgrade from Imagevue X2 › X3

12 Dec 2017, 14:35

* Dec 12 2017 - Improved the x2-convert.php script:
  • Folders are no longer renamed with number (eg "1.foldername) since this is not required since X3.24.
  • Renamed folder "mp3" to "custom/audio", which is the folder for audio in X3.
  • Hide "start" folder (if exists), since this folder does not apply in X3.
  • Delete "contact" folder, since this folder already exists on minimal X3 install.
  • Create "content/folders.json", which includes hidden and sort index attributes inherited from your X2 content.
  • Added instructions and link to x3_installer.php after convert is complete.