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Re: X3 Status Update [Aug 15]

20 Dec 2015, 10:25

Update X3 0.14
Fixed a few minor bugs, and bumped version to 0.14 in preparation for official release. I'm not superstitious, but we skipped subversion 13 because I don't wanna take any chances :lol: . We have also launched our new X3 purchase-, license- and authorization system:

As usual, or

Simply update as usual (as long as you are already on the 0.12.* branch), without overwriting /content and /config folders.

Update X3 0.14 Reference
- Added basic installation guide to new readme.txt.
- Fixed so sidebar does not break when inheriting values from topbar - forum
- Fixed article nav label forum
- Panel authorize link

Forum thread obsolete
This forum thread is now obsolete, since there is a new X3 release-version post. Please only reply here if there are issues specific to latest 0.14 release.