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Flamepix - High-Performance X3 Hosting

29 Mar 2015, 04:07

As a successor to this topic, we have now launched our High-Performance Imagevue X3 Website Hosting service. Find all the information you need on the new website (made with X3!):

Although we promote and recommend this service, it does not mean that other hosting services are not sufficient. Unfortunately, some hosting services simply are inadequate for most web applications, and not worth their fees. The main reason we started this service is from the concept that we can offer a better service, with industry-standard compatibility, tweaked for additional X3 performance. For those who appreciate performance and don't want to deal with FTP, server and technical issues, it may be of interest. For those of you who don't mind dealing with the technical aspect of hosting, and find their hosting to perform satisfactory, by all means feel free to remain with your choice of hosting.
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Re: Flamepix - High-Performance X3 Hosting

29 May 2015, 21:54

stunning ...have sent an email to initiate the hosting.
Have had such a good time with the X2 versions, the services and support is stunning,
Is hard to resist, so I won't resist.