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X3 Diagnostics

19 Nov 2014, 04:51

X3 Diagnostics
I have created an extensive Imagevue X3 diagnostics suite, so that we easier can diagnose issues and check requirements. Anyone who is currently having server-related issues with X3, will be asked to add the new /diag/ folder within their X3 folder. This module will be added to the beta release zip in an update later tonight.

If all is well, it should/could look something like this on your server:


1. Download the ZIP file from the link above.

2. Extract the 'diag' folder in the zip, and upload it into your X3 folder, so URL becomes something like yourgallery/diag/.

3. Set write permissions (chmod 777) on the 'diag' folder, so it can run some tests. screen

4. Check the link yourgallery/diag/.
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Re: X3 Diagnostics

19 Nov 2014, 08:12

Although I'm not getting any errors so far I will download this just to double check. Thanks Karl :)

Edit:. It's funny I just get a blank screen after running it.