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Many pages are not translated

01 Jul 2021, 04:31

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It's a great set of software. I'm glad to see that part of the background of the website is updated to Chinese, but it seems that most of the projects are in English. I went to check the code of the corresponding page and found that there is no support for translation function. If users can update all projects to different languages in the background, I think this will be more popular. If you need me to translate Chinese, please tell me, I can help you.
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Re: Many pages are not translated

01 Jul 2021, 11:19

Indeed you are right, translations are incomplete. We will definitely aim to have all "navigation" items properly translated, but I'm not sure it's feasible to translate ALL settings, as there are several hundred each with [help] options.

For now, I am kinda waiting to get started with X3 Panel 2.0 which will include options for complete translations, but I won't be adding it to current panel 1.0. Thanks for your offer to help! Stay tuned.