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Minor Update X3.30.1

27 Feb 2021, 03:10

Following up on X3.30.0, minor update X3.30.1 includes a few bug fixes, improvements and a couple of a new features.

How to update?
See docs or simply navigate to X3 Panel › Tools › X3 Updates and click "update now".

  • Added an additional layer of spam protection for the contact form.
  • New option to remove image meta data on upload [forum].
  • Added Dutch, Chinese and Danish interface translations.
  • Improved German and Italian language.
  • Added option for 50% topbar transparency for intros [forum].
  • Popup: Added new "loop" option [forum].
  • Popup: Changed caption transitions to fade in and display only AFTER image transition.
  • Popup: Fixed bug on iPhone 6 (iOS 12.5) where popup topbar buttons failed to work [forum].
  • Fixed carousel gallery layout to be compatible with Vimeo again.
  • Fixed panel bug with PHP 8 when editing or ordering images that contain specific meta data [forum].
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Re: Minor Update X3.30.1

27 Feb 2021, 04:54

Thank you Karl!

Once again a great job and unbeatable support! For me X3 Photogallery X3 is and remains the best solution ever! Not only for my photography site, but now also for my company site, which has nothing to do with photography!
Wish you all the best and continued success with your projects, which I will continue to follow with excitement!

Best regards from Switzerland
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Re: Minor Update X3.30.1

28 Feb 2021, 12:47

Thank you for the Update Karl!
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Re: Minor Update X3.30.1

05 Mar 2021, 18:30

Thank you for the Update Karl🥰
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Re: Minor Update X3.30.1

09 Mar 2021, 07:21

Thanks. I am really pleased that suggestions from the forum are implemented so quickly. This proves me right in my decision to use X3. :thumbsup:
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Re: Minor Update X3.30.1

10 Mar 2021, 07:23

Thank you for the Update Karl.:wink:
Regards / Grüße

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