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Folder parameters : settings.audioplayer.autostart=true

10 Feb 2012, 09:48


I've made a new website using imagevuex :
I would like to autostart the audioplayer for one folder only . (This one :
But when i put this : "settings.audioplayer.autostart=true" in the folder parameters, it doesn't work.
Anybody can say why?
Thanks a lot!
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Re: Folder parameters : settings.audioplayer.autostart=true

11 Feb 2012, 04:05

The audioplayer has many hooks it checks for, so there may be a combination of reason. First of all, the audioplayer will remember the state that the visitor has set it to: If the visitor has stopped the audioplayer, it will be marked as "stopped", and you cannot force-autostart the audioplayer again if the visitor has set it top STOP, no matter if its a new folder or not. Also, this setting is not only stored in the session, but also in the cookies of the browser so that it remembers the state next time the visitor views the website.

In addition to this, I am not sure what you are trying to do. Basically you are saying that audio is OFF by default, but you want to force autostart it in a specific folder? In the other folders it should be paused by default? This might not work the way you are thinking, because the audioplayer is built so that once it is interacted with by the visitor, it will follow the state that the visitor has set it to ...